Wednesday, 29 August 2007

FAIR Summer School

On Monday 6th August, I set off for Markethill to attend an Ulster Scots Summer School organised by the Victims Group, FAIR. The school was held in Kilcluney Orange Hall and was well attended with a good number of leaders in place to help keep order. Having said that, the kids were no problem at all and were receptive to the visiting teachers.

When I arrived at Kilcluney Orange Hall, I noticed members of the excellent Kellswater Flute Band had just finished introducing the kids to traditional music. I felt immediately disadvantaged as, as someone who was there to introduce the Ullans language to them, I had no flutes or drums to hold their attention!

In any event, I needn't have worried as the kids weren't long in taking an interest in the Ullans language. I found that some of the children were already familiar with some Ullans vocabulary and used the words frequently without realising it.

The school went well and we all enjoyed our time at Kilcluney.

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