Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Balnamore Fun Day

On Saturday 4th August, the Community Association in Balnamore (near Ballymoney) held a very successful and well attended Fun Day for the people of the village. The event was not without an Ulster Scots flavour, reflecting the identity and make up of the village.

The weather was kind to the organisers and the event kicked off at 12 noon with the marquees quickly filling up and the grounds of the park coming alive with people of all ages. Games of the old Ulster Scots favourite, horse shoes, proved to be an attraction as did the appearance of a clown who had a non-stop repartee of jokes and yarns. Bakers of Traditional Ulster Scots breads kept many attendees filled with soda and fadge (proota breid) and I noted that "some yins were hard tae fill, the gluttons!"

Jimmy and I didn't arrive empty-handed and as soon as dancers left the stage, we got them lambegs out and got playing them. We were ably assisted by Alan Wright who lets on he can't play them but was unmasked as a guid drummer on Saturday! His cousin Raymond also surprised everyone by getting one on and giving us all a demonstration of club drumming that was awa abain mae heid!

A great day and our thanks to Louise and the organisers for inviting us. Hope aa yer lugs hae quet ringin bae noo!


Louise said...

a guid day a' roon!!! probably very bad spelling here but excuse a novice!!! thanks to Gary for hll his help and the blog...

Dalriad said...

Pleasure for us to help! The spelling's grand but don't forget we do language courses too. Always plugging!! LOL

Mark said...

a hae pit a link tae ye on my ain blog - keep her lit, ye're daein a gran job!


Fair fa' ye frae an Ulster Scot awa' doon in Cork. Aye!

Dalriad said...

Guid tae hear frae ye Mark an thanks fer bloggin! Gettin oan lake a hoose oan fire wie these Simmer Schools an interest in the leid provin tae bae wile popular in Northern Ireland an the three occupuied coonties o Ulster. Keep in touch, freen.|

Dalriad said...

Fair faa ye, Colin! Gye guid tae hear frae ye an mae foo admiration fer the work yer daein doon in Cork. Bae sure tae keep in touch wie us aa up here in Dalriada!

Ptarmigan said...

Hi Dalriad,

Good to see you have a link here to my 'North Antrim Rhymes' page. The more people have access to those fine rhymes, the better. I only wish I was smart enough to write some of them myself. :-)

You & your readers might also be interested in my 'Dalriada MySpace' which is exploring musical links between the two sides of the ancient kingdom of Dalriada i.e. North Antrim & Argyll.


You may also be interested in my North Antrim Forum which looks at all aspects of Culture & Heritage in North Antrim.


If you, or any of your readers, want to join up & share their knowledge of North Antrim, you would be very welcome.