Friday, 14 September 2007

End of the Summer Schools

The last four Summer Schools we attended in August were at Carleton Street (Portadown), Upper Crossgare (Co Down), Drum (Co Monaghan) and Mountfield near Omagh, Co Tyrone. In common with our experiences elsewhere, we were met with enthusiastic and responsive children and leaders.

The Carleton Street Scool was well attended with a good supply of leaders which is vital to ensure the smooth running of the different classes. Equally, the schools at Upper Crossgare, Drum and Mountfield were well attended by leaders and children.

Initially, we thought we had a hard task ahead of us taking the Ullans language to children across the country and on both sides of the border. We had no props or gimmicks to hold the attention of our various audiences. However, were were encouraged and delighted in equal measure to find ourselves in areas where a genuine interest in the language was clearly evident.

To all who helped us, to the children and leaders and to Ed Hanna who never tired making the extra effort, we give a big thanks and we are looking forward to next year already!

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