Sunday, 7 October 2007

Teach our youth Ullans

All too often, the Ullans language has been misrepresented as a local accent thereby denying it centuries of history and the fact that it is in reality a language in its own right. As parents, we have a duty to encourage our kids to speak Ullans and show them the distinction between our ancient language and its English counterpart. Ir, in ither wurds .................

A Wurd Tae Wur Ain Yins
It haes niver bin aisy fer an Ulster Scot
Makin his wye through schule,
Gien that cas o tha wye he taaks,
He's apt tae bae seen as a fool.
His teachers wull caa it an accent
They micht mock him tae git him tae stap
Taakin in his ain tongue
Whur yinst they'd hae threatened him wie tha strap.
His class wull tak their cue frae tha maister
An goad an jeer tha wean
Fer they hae changed tha wye they taak
Because they're shalla an vain.
So if your wean haes pride in his roots
An wants tae use the Ullans tongue
Then dae aa ye can tae encourage him
Scream Ulster Scotch frae his lungs
Fer he'll fin hissel up agin it
But he haes tae withstaun tha misery
Cas the leid he's taakin is pairt
O hunners o years o history.
Ma ir Da hear these wheen o wurds
An play yer pairt in keepin tha leid alive
Fer wi'oot yer help tha Hamely Tongue
Wull neither keep gan nor thrive
Join iz tha believe in tha Ullans
An git yer weans tae dae tha same forbye
An atween iz aa tha Ulster Scotch
Wull niver iver die.

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