Friday, 12 October 2007

Get Writing!

The Ulster Scots language has survived down through the centuries as a largely oral tradition. The Ulster Scots speaking communities preserved the language by speaking it on a daily basis, telling stories and through the medium of poetry. Indeed, we are more than fortunate to have Charlie Gillen and Charlie Reynolds amongst us. They have been engaged in preserving and promoting the Ullans language long before it secured legal status as a language.

Perhaps you would like to be amongst the growing numbers of Ulster Scots writers who are committing poetry and stories to print? You may be apprehensive about doing so because you would not feel confident about writing in Ulster Scots. If so, stop right there!

We would love to have you join us as a writer and we would love to read your work. No one will be judged by us and no one will be made to feel patronised. If you need a wee jag of confidence, look out a copy of the Hamely Tongue by James Fenton and take your text from it. Let NOTHING put you off from writing in Ulster Scots. So, if you do commit to paper, send it to my email address and everyone who does will be guaranteed a reply devoid of judgement.

So get writing!


Rhonis said...

trying to find fentons from ballymoney in my fathers family a mcneill marrid a fenton in the late 1880s and the family eventually went to scotland schotts then to australia in 1910 i was in ballymoney in the mid 1990s and stayed at a b&b run by uel hamlet i will get more info if you reply regards rhonis mcneill

An Aul Han said...

I just thocth yed like tae know that I hae took yur advice. An started a wee Ulster Scots blog o' ma ain, ca'd - Fae tha Han o a Low Country Lad. It's aim iz tae promote the Ulster-Scots language, especially aa tha aul sayins that I hae herd iver tha years. If ya hae onnie aul sayins ye cud share. I wud be gey an glad tae post them. Ma email address iz: