Thursday, 11 October 2007

Attention Ulster Scots!

The University of Ulster Institution of Ulster Scots Studies will be holding a six week course based at Northern Regional College (Ballymoney Tech) beginning on Monday 22nd October 2007. The classes will run from 7:00 - 9:oopm and everyone is welcome to attend.

The programme, supported by the Ulster Scots Agency, will run as follows:

Week 1
Ulster and Scotland from earliest times to 1700

Week 2
Ulster and Scotland 1700-2000

Week 3
The Language and Literature of the Ulster Scots

Week 4
The Language and Literature of the Ulster Scots

Week 5
The Music and Song of the Ulster Scots

Week 6
The Legacy of the Ulster Scots

This is a golden opportunity for us, the people from Dalriada, to learn more about our rich history and culture. For too long our presence, language and contribution to society in general has been ignored or suppressed. The Ulster Scots Journal & News would encourage EVERYONE to attend the series of classes, not just to learn, but also to contribute to the talks and debates that will flow from the structured series in the programme above. Having spoken to writer, lecturer and consultant, Alister McReynolds, I can confirm that attendees may enrol on the first night though to be sure of a place, contact Sharon Adams, The Continuing Professional Development Unit on 028 9036 6680 or email the Unit at where you will find assistance and advice. The course will cost £30:00 or £15:00 for the entire six week course. As we would say up here in Dalriada, Whur else wud ye get it; sure it's naethin but a fiver a nicht!

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