Sunday, 15 July 2007

Lambegs in North Antrim

Bendooragh Orange Lodge
12th July 2007
Ballymoney Lambeg Drum Contest
14th July 2007

With the Twelfth over, the celebrations didn't die in north Antrim as the lambeg fraternity gave the public a demonstration in the art of competition drumming. On 14th July, a dozen lambegs descended on the village of Clough for the annual afternoon contest. Although the weathere turned bad, the contest got off to a good start as drummers from all over Ulster pitted their skills against each other in a bid to win the cup.

After the Clough contest, the drummers headed on into Ballymoney to the annual evening contest. Here the weather stayed dry and a good crowd gathered to watch the spectacle. Those who attended the Clough contest are grateful to the Spratt family for organising this annual event and the people of Ballymoney are grateful to Peter Robinson and his family for running things in the Toon.

The lambeg is an integral part of the Ulster Scots musical tradition and it was alive and well in north Antrim over the Twelfth with many lodges using them to lead them in Cloughmills and two drumming contests a few days later. The drums require a lot of skill and time in preparing them for playing and we should all be grateful to those who devote so much time and energy to promoting them in all parts of Ulster.


alan wright said...

I hear that the drumming match was very good. I was unable to attent due to family holiday in 'sunny Larne' congratulations to Peter Robinson and his team for a job well done.

Dalriad said...

Cheers Alan. It was a great night in the Toon and great to see the lambegs out in force from all over the country. Was Larne not that place that had mudslides and all?? What carry on were you at!!