Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Bruce Festival, Stranocum

Last night, I braved the rain and winds (the typical Ulster summer!) and made for the village of Stranocum to see what was going on at the Robert The Bruce Festival where my good mate, Noel, was playing a central role. When I got there, I called in to Stranocum Orange Hall where I saw a very impressive display of memorabalia. Ancient minute books caught my eye instantly as these were hand-written accounts of men long dead, recording events in the village as they happened.

The display of banners old and new, coupled with every band uniform Stranocum ever had was like walking through history. I was encouraged to see such activity around the Hall as there was last night with plenty of people showing a keen interest in all that was going on.

Next I called into the portacabin by the brig and enjoyed an hour's crack as Noel introduced the indigeneous speakers to the written language of the Ulster Scots. Its a beautiful language that we should have been encouraged to learn down the years instead of being made to feel embarrassed about speaking it. Noel, myself and others are trying to convince people that we don't speak "bad English" - we speak GOOD ULSTER SCOTS!

The Festival in Stranocum continues on until the 11th July and it would be worth your while to call out and get a warm welcome from the guid fowk o Stranocum and enjoy the crack.

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