Friday, 29 June 2007

Book of Verse From N Antrim

A must for those interested in local talent is the book of verse from Ballymoney's own Hugh Carton. Entitled "A Medley Of Poems Old & New", the book is packed with poems written by Hugh and presented in a colourful and very enjoyable publication.
The first poem is an ode to one of Ballymoney's most famous sons, entitled "To The Memory Of Joey Dunlop" and the remainder of the poems in the book are a mixture of poignant, humorous and descriptive verses penned with obvious thought and deliberation. Hugh tackles issues such as politics in his witty offering entitled "Our Politicians", the threatened open cast mining in north Antrim ("The Lignite Contraversy") and descriptive poems with topics such as O'Roarks Kitchen at Ballintoy, White Park Bay and the River Bush.
Hugh Carton is an 87 year-old author who has taken the time to provide us with a valuable keepsake of his thoughts and memories in verse. For copies of the book, the author has given me his permission to include an address for orders. Write to Hugh Carton, 12 Shandon Park, Ballymoney, Co Antrim BT53 7BA. Don't miss the chance to have a copy of A Medley of Poems Old & New.

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